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EUR/USD: bounce from support

In the past 24 hours on EUR/USD, the price was testing the resistance - the 100 Fibonacci level at 1.35850 - and it eventually went down to the support at 1.35500 - 161.8 Fibonacci level. ┬áIt bounced back to go up finally, so we can open a BUY position with Take Profit at 1.35850 and…
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EURUSD: strong buy at the beginning of the Forex Trading week

Interesting situation at the beginning of new Forex Trading week. Now EUR/USD is testing support and resistance levels at 1.35800 and 1.35500. There is a strong signal to go long at the moment with a Stop Loss at 1.35500 and Take Profit at 1.35800. Otherwise, if the price goes below 1.35500, then we place a…
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EURUSD: bounce from support

On EURUSD H1 chart we can see now a bounce from the support 1.35600 and it was confirmed by a green candlestick at 22:00 XM server time covering the body of the previous red candlestick. That is giving us a signal to go up - it is exactly what we have done. We opened a…
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