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USD/JPY: short term uptrend

At the beginning of the new Forex trading week we can observe a short term uptrend based on Fibonacci levels. You may place a buy order with a Take Profit at 98.200 and Stop Loss at 97.750 If the price reaches 98.200, one can consider opening a sell position as most probably we are going…
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USD/JPY: still trading in the uptrend

As we predicted in the previous technical analysis, the price jumped eventually to fill out the gap after the weekend. USD/JPY is still in the uptrend, however we can see now a significant price correction. We hold on with trading until we see a strong signal to either go long (up to 99.135) or short…
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USD/JPY: strong buy to fill out the gap

We have noticed a nice weekend gap. In that case, we need to take advantage of it in our Forex Trading. Let's place a BUY order with Take Profit at 98.520 and Stop Loss at 98.179. Stay Tuned today for other possible Free Forex Signals through SMS for your best Forex Trading.  
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